Woody Van

Our philosophy

Here at Woody Van we believe that getting through this pandemic and the current chaotic events can offer a wonderful opportunity to discover a new kind of holiday, one based on respect for nature and the desire for a better, fairer, more authentic and less superficial world.

We believe that it is a common responsibility for all of us to forge a path in a society of industrial growth and to create a better life together.

In this sense, at Woody Van, our commitment to an ecological approach is based on real convictions:

woody van vehicules location

Talking about ecology and the environment while hiring vehicles that require fossil fuels to operate may seem contradictory. However, at Woody Van we strive to reduce and minimise our environmental impact by purchasing new vehicles that are more fuel efficient and meet the latest environmental standards.

en van sur les routes du pays basque

By taking into account the mobile nature of your Woody Van, you can visit a multitude of places without staying attached to one single point and thus limit the sterile and more polluting return trips in the long run.

bois interieur ecoresponsable

We work closely with the Campervans Montblanc company, which designs and markets fittings exclusively in solid wood. The selection of wood for the furnishings comes from 100% responsibly-sourced wood from managed forests that are a part of either the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) or BQS (Bois Qualité Savoie) programmes.

tissus coton ecologique responsable durable

Woody Van’s equipment is made of environmentally friendly and reusable materials where possible. The tableware is made of natural fibres or stainless steel for the most part. The fabrics for the bedding and towels are made from certified sustainable cotton.

foret bois responsable

At Woody Van, in collaboration with Campervans Montblanc, we do not use any plywood (Okoume) that comes directly from the plundering of tropical forests (mainly Brazil and the Congo Basin). We also do not use any laminates, melamine or other chemical materials that emit formaldehyde, mainly from glue.

decoration bois massif ecologique

If, like us, you are concerned about the weight of the fittings and their impact on the vehicle’s fuel consumption, we would like to point out that the fittings are up to 30% lighter than their plywood counterparts. This is due to the type of wood used (spruce and larch) and the quality of the drying process.

nettoyage ecologique

At Woody Van, we also offer ecological cleaning and personal hygiene kits selected for their quality and low environmental impact. Reducing packaging and harmful environmental all makes sense to us.


At Woody Van we only use professional cleaning products with the ECOLABEL ecological label. This European eco-label is a reliable and official label created in 1992 by the European Commission. Its aim is to promote, design and develop products that are more environmentally friendly, healthier and more sustainable throughout their entire life cycle (from the extraction of raw materials to their use and, of course, their manufacture).

nettoyant biodegradable

At Woody Van, the interior and exterior cleaning process of the vehicles is carried out with ECOCERT certified products, which are over 96% biodegradable.

Founder of Woody Van