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Our customised roadbooks

Are you keen on exploring the great outdoors in the Basque Country and/or further afield with your Woody Van but not sure how to work out your route? You’re in luck, because we can help you create a roadbook specifically for your van trip. You have two options for travelling off the beaten track with all the great Woody Van tips at your disposal.

Basque country roadbooks

We have six different Basque Country roadbooks to help you discover the north and south of the region.
Tell us how long your trip will be and we’ll send you the ideal itinerary to visit the region at your own pace!

3 days, 5 days and 7 days: discover the landscape and learn about the culture for only € 49.

Personalised roadbook

We can assist you in the creation of your personalised and customised roadbook. If you want to travel outside the Basque Country to a destination of your choice, we can draw up a detailed itinerary to help you fully enjoy your van adventure! We also offer customised and personalised Basque Country roadbooks.

Let yourself be carried away by the Woody Van team for just € 99.

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